Another Year Winding Down

Finally getting caught up after National Novel Writing Month, and I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish each and every one of you…

The Happiest of Holiday Seasons

and a Joyful New Year

filled with Peace, Inspiration, and Love!!

I’ll be back in just a week or so with all new posts, as well as some new bonus features.

Austin Kleon- Steal Like An Artist


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23 responses to “Another Year Winding Down

  1. Ileana

    DIVINE BLESSINGS AND INFINITE LOVE forever! Magical, Loving and Beautiful New Year! I hug you with love and Joy! Happy and fulfilled years! ☃🤗🥂🎄😘☘🙏

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. 💀

  3. Have a good festive break and all the best for a creative 2023.

  4. “Getting caught up after National Novel Writing Month.” Does this mean we’ll be reading a new novel sometime soon? Hope it was a productive writing time for you!!!!

    • Lol…ended up with the 1st draft of a “novel” last year (really not loving it), but made some great progress on a nonfiction work I’m hoping will be ready for release this spring. Definitely productive, and a great challenge that’s a lot of fun. Highly recommend!

      • You’re inspiring me. I’ve never done NaNoWriMo. I’ve been tempted. When I was working on my novel a few years ago, the best part about it was he habit that it created. Getting up early before work and cranking out 1500 words – hell or high water. I suspect that’s the beauty of Nano. Of course, I ended up sort of “writing myself in a corner” with the novel, but still liked what I learned about my writing. Good luck with the both works. Let us know about the nonfiction work. Congrats on the release, that’s awesome! Some big things coming in 2023!

      • That is the best part about it…the habit and getting it done no matter what. I also like that it’s only a 30 day commitment. It really just forces you to get it all out, and polish it after. They have several similar challenges throughout the year. I’d love to read a novel by you! Thank you, and good luck to you as well!! Cheers to a creative new year!

      • Yes, I have to get back in the habit. I’m having too much fun with the blog, but still have dreams of novel writing. Thanks for saying you want to read my novel. I had fun with the one I started but I had too much flashback scenes and never really figured out how I wanted to finish the novel (it was an accident scene, who lives, who dies.) I need to get back to it. Cheers to you too.

      • Can’t wait to read it!

      • Thank you! I’m looking forward to yours too!

  5. RE-ALLY