Capturing Those Holiday Memories

As we approach the end of yet another challenging year, many are gathering with family and friends to celebrate their respective holidays and welcome in the new year. These past 2 years have reaffirmed our need for social interaction, as well as spending time with those we hold close to our hearts. Our gatherings may be smaller, and many of our old traditions have been replaced with new ones, but their importance and significance have grown even more.

Life is ever-changing, and time goes by so quickly, it’s even more important to remember and cherish these occasions, documenting them as we go. Our memories of the past serve us well, but as time goes on, we forget many of the smaller details, the stories, the faces, the little bits and pieces.

After the events of the season, write a little about them. Use all of your senses. Who was there, what sounds and smells did you experience? Are there always multiple conversations going on at the same time, the sounds of laughter, children tearing open presents with excited cheers? Are holiday songs playing in the background, or is the football game on in the other room? Is there the smell of that special holiday dish cooking on the stove that hits you when you walk in the door, or the fresh scent of the Christmas tree in the corner? Is your favorite Aunt wearing that light-up sweater she wears every year? How is this year different from past celebrations? What has become a new tradition?

Taking lots of pictures and spending a few minutes writing down these future memories solidifies these special occasions. Embrace new traditions, whether you choose to spend the holidays with others or on your own. Remember those who are no longer with us with joy, and appreciate all those that still are.

I wish you all a joyous, peaceful, and safe holiday season!


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