Just 15 minutes

We all know those people…the ones who seem to have so much time in their lives to devote to their passions, their interests, their creative endeavors. How do they do it? We have jobs, families, friends, projects we need to do at home, errands to run, emails to answer, news and social media to keep up with…and the list just goes on and on.

We’ve heard all the advice from the “experts”. Get up an hour earlier and write or draw or paint before you go to work, or stay up later after everyone has gone to bed and take that time for yourself. I personally am so exhausted after just making it through another day of life on this planet that this is not an option for me, as I know it isn’t for most of you.

The answer for me is starting with just 15 minutes, sometime during the day while I am still awake and interested, and working on something important to me. Whether it’s writing down a list of things I’d like to do, drawing a doodle, jotting down ideas for future writing projects, reading a chapter of a book, journaling, or just spending some alone time looking at my surroundings and not my phone.

Examine how you spend your time, and it’s easy to realize that we can spare just 15 minutes a day for our own needs, dreams, and fulfillment. It’s amazing the rush we get when we take even this small amount of time and devote it to what truly has meaning to us as creative souls. Whether you are a writer, artist, musician or a creative in any way, or always wished you could be, this 1 small step, this 15 minutes, encourages us and renews our personal validation. You’ll be surprised over time how this small amount of time you spend pursuing your creative endeavors will begin to grow, and you will notice how much easier it will become to expand that to 20 minutes, then half an hour, and then an entire hour.

Each step we take pushes us further along, and giving yourself permission to be you, to allow time for yourself, to encourage your creativity will only contribute to your overall sense of peace. Every book is written one sentence at a time, every drawing one line at a time. Write that sentence today. Draw that line today.

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