Waiting for Inspiration

In case you haven’t already noticed, waiting for inspiration to strike before you create something does not always lead to a productive or lucrative body of work.

Inspiration is out there-it’s all around us and inside us, but it doesn’t always just show up and tap us on the shoulder at the most opportune time. Sometimes we have to search high and low for it, then drag it back to our cave and restrain it long enough to fuel ourselves.

This is where so many people falter. How many times have you just not felt like working on that novel or painting? Or anything, for that matter. When you push yourself to do it, when you climb over that wall made of self doubt and lack of inspiration, is when you realize that it’s as much about the process as the product.

Something I’ve found that helps me get started when I really don’t feel like it is the 15 minute rule. I write down a few 15 minute projects, like write just one paragraph, a quick outline, or anything else that I can do in a short burst. Then I start with whatever sounds the easiest, and go from there.

Even if you only do these short bursts, you are still creating, still fueling your creative habit, and you’ve overcome the obstacle of feeling uninspired.


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2 responses to “Waiting for Inspiration

  1. hey there! nice article, it touched me concerning that it describes what matters to me…I just wanted to pass by to thank you and add few things to your ideas. Albert Einstein said once that every stupid idea ends up a great one…the important thing to mention is to never stop working our things out because this soul may die with time