Make Writing Part of Your Daily Life

Being mobile is essential in order to be a prolific writer. I myself am a minimalist, so my collection of essential writing tools is sparse: laptop, tablet, legal pad and pen, and moleskine binder are pretty much all I need to complete most tasks. Like all writers, however, I do have a large collection of books.

This small collection allows me to write wherever I choose, and varying my environment helps me to keep things fresh and avoid staring at the same four walls. If I’m stuck on a sentence, I just move to the patio, or get out of the house and stare at someone else’s walls. Sometimes I prefer solitude, sometimes I like someplace loud and distracting. Depends on my mood and my project.

The key to being mobile and making writing part of your daily life is carrying a notebook and pen with you at all times. Every famous writer, every book and blog on writing advice will tell you the same. I carry a small spiral notebook and a space pen. Have a few minutes before work? On your lunch break? Shopping, waiting for the laundry, stuck in traffic? Take out that paper and brainstorm possible writing topics, ways to add creativity to your life, bits of conversation, character descriptions…

Write in it every day. You can use it as a log book and chronicle your daily adventures, a place for random thoughts and sketches, whatever you choose. All that matters is that you write.  And the more you write, the sooner you will discover your voice. The key to becoming a better writer is as simple as just writing.


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  1. Great post! simple and plenty!