Share Your Work

Sharing the progress of whatever you’re working on can be both motivating and scary as hell.

The process of creating a piece of work fascinates most people. What a famous writer did every day before he wrote, where he wrote, what he wrote on, what the first manuscript looked like… Or the story behind the painting, what the artist had to go through to complete it, the obstacles he had to overcome, or what the original drawing looked like.

Knowing the process, knowing the story behind the story, makes us feel closer to the creator and the work itself. Having people able to connect to our work is what we strive for.

Sharing works in progress, either in person or on social media opens ourselves up to all kinds of criticism. It’s a fact. Not everyone will like what you’re doing. But you’d be surprised at how many people will. You’ll also make connections to others who are taking that same risk.

It’s motivating and empowering. And it also gives you credibility. “Yes I’m a writer. You can see some of my latest work on my Facebook page, or my blog…”

1. Be a writer

2. Write

3. Share your work




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