Just Doodle It

Feeling stuck or uninspired? Not sure where to start? Do some doodling to get those creative juices flowing.

There’s no pressure, and no commitment. Just grab a pencil or pen and something to make some marks on; a piece of scrap paper, an old envelope, a napkin…anything will do. Draw shapes, lines, stick figures…Don’t think about it, and don’t try to re-create the Mona Lisa. Just let go and see what comes out. Think about all the great projects you’d like to start, or who you’d like to be while you’re doodling.

If you like the result, put it up on the fridge, or tape it to the wall. Hate it? Then throw it away. It’s all about getting things going.


Like some more inspiration?

Here’s some doodles you can download and print to color for free.

Amazing doodles and sketches at Moleskine.

Brilliant art with Sharpies.

Great Picasso doodles.


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