Process Over Product

Being part of a society that has created a generation of hyper-productive, multitasking, and over-scheduled individuals has led many artists to believe that their personal success is based on how many paintings they’ve completed. While people who earn a sole living from their art certainly need to have as large an inventory as possible, it still remains that the process of creating is equal to, or even greater than, the actual output. Being aware of the process, the physical and emotional adventure in creating an original piece of work, is what will fuel the next one, and the next…

The process of taking a painting, or sculpture, or story from concept to completion is such an important part. That feeling you get when you’ve just spent an afternoon completely absorbed in your project is unrivaled. Nothing else can duplicate that excitement, or fullfillment.

So, the next time you sit down to get those thoughts or images on paper, remember that the time you spend doing it is just as important as what comes out.

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