Sometimes it’s the Little Things

Feel bad about neglecting my blog this past week. It’s something I look forward to, and I try to fit it into the schedule at whatever the cost. This past week has just been one of those weeks where nothing seems willing to cooperate.


Wrote 2 articles for a publication in what I felt was a very reasonable amount of time. Often I let myself get caught up in writing, rewriting, rewriting again, and again… Way over the necessary amount of time. I guess they don’t call it obsessive/compulsive disorder for nothing. So I wrote these articles fairly quickly, and I was pleased with the way they turned out.


Needed a photo to go with each, which by the way will bump up your payment considerably, and finally settled on 2 out of the 20 or so that I took. Just fill out a couple of contracts and invoices, attach an e-mail, and I’m good to go. Or so I thought.


Well, by the time I got done downloading photos and scanning contracts on one computer to a flash drive so I could put them in another computer, rescanning contracts because they were too light, then too dark, creating files, deleting files so I wouldn’t get them mixed up, turning them into zip files, writing the e-mail to go with it, printing copies, and sending them on their way, only to find the mail had been returned because the files were too big, and I now needed to now turn it into 2 files.


Many, many, many hours later, my project is done. The one I wrote in such a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes it’s the little things that really get you.


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2 responses to “Sometimes it’s the Little Things

  1. bersinink

    Made that mistake too. Now I save after every paragraph!

  2. rcw

    Been there done that!
    Sounds like as much fun as writing a beautiful story that you were to focused on to hit save periodically, only to have your pc crash. Now that’s fun!