Using Art as a Catalyst

Sometimes the struggle to stay, or get, inspired to write can get overwhelming. Unlike some people I know, I’m not bursting at the seams with potential material, new ideas or topics to write about, or profound thoughts to share with the world. I love to write, I want to write, but…sometimes it stops there.

Finding other creative outlets that are completely outside the realm of writing has often helped me to get excited about writing again, and generate new ideas and subjects to explore.

Art has always been one of my favorites. Drawing, painting, sculpting, ceramics and photography have all served to to help reawaken my sleeping creative energy. Sometimes even stirring the borderline comatose.

There are art projects for everyone. From a simple paint by number, which is a great stress reliever, by the way, to building model cars, to painting huge landscapes in oil, and everything in between. The book “Art Escapes”, by Dory Kanter, has some fun and easy ideas for creative doodling and artistic journaling to more complicated projects like panorama paintings and collaging. Art galleries and museums are also great for getting ideas and inspiration.

Art classes for beginners are always a worthwhile investment as well. You can’t go wrong learning something new, building on skills you already have, or just meeting other creative people.

No matter what your skill level, any kind of creative endeavor will just add to your writing abilities and productivity. Don’t be afraid to spend the time. And with that in mind, I’m heading off to the easel. I feel an abstract watercolor coming on.


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2 responses to “Using Art as a Catalyst

  1. bersinink

    I’ve read The Artist’s Way and liked that very much. Haven’t gotten to the others yet, though.

  2. lifecreativitycoach


    I agree that art can help people start writing again. It looks like you have been reading Julia Cameron’s books. I love her books. Good Luck!