Creating a Wall of Inspiration

Been working this week on creating a wall of inspiration. Something over my desk that I can look at, for the obvious reason being to inspire some creativity, but also to help stop me from being distracted by everything else in the room. I’m an absolute minimalist by nature, but over the years I have collected so many things that I love having, and having close by, but which can also be very distracting just being in my visual space.

My baseball memorabilia, cool posters, jars of paints and paintbrushes, photos, books, books, and more books, future art projects, really interesting wooden boxes, a bowl of rocks, and on and on.

My first reaction is to box everything up and put it in the closet. The room instantly turned cold, boring and empty. Then came the guilt for buying and collecting so many things just to take up space in the closet. So I went through everything, picked out my absolute favorites, and keep only those things out. Turns out I have a lot of favorite things, for a minimalist. I love looking at all these things, but they can be very distracting. I came up with the idea of having a wall of inspiration, hopefully to help me have better focus and keep the ideas and finished projects flowing.

This “wall” will be made of heavyweight cardboard, heavy enough to not buckle, but light enough to hang without pulling the plaster or paint off of the walls. It can be covered with fabric and ribbons, wrapping paper, with or without foam underneath, depending on how the pictures, quotes, photos, etc will be attached. I noticed some great scrapbook paper in the craft store the other day. It comes in 12×12 inch squares, and only costs about 60 cents each. They have everything from surfboards, skulls and wild abstract patterns to subtle garden and ocean scenes, as well as every solid color you can imagine. I liked the ones that looked like old newspapers. Also thinking about some large adhesive letters to put up the most inspiring quotes. Starting with my favorite, from Henry David Thoreau:

“Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.”


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2 responses to “Creating a Wall of Inspiration

  1. bersinink

    Cool-feel free! I like sharing anything I’ve found that works. It’s also a fun project to do. Thanks!

  2. What a great idea. I will steal it!