Blocking In Your Time

It seems like whenever I get on a roll, logging in several successful days or weeks of writing and painting, my 2 passions, everyone and everything begins to demand large chunks of my time. In the past, I would accept this, put myself aside, and promise myself that as soon as I was done with all the visiting and distractions, I would get back to what I was doing. It never happened. Weeks would pass, then months. I would get so frustrated and angry, at myself and everyone else, that I never would get the flow back.

The solution for me came by way of a friend of mine, a phenomenal artist and writer named Carol McKinley. Her advice: block in times for your most important work on a weekly excitement calendar, and do not give those blocks away. On Sundays, I fill out a calendar for the week with projects, trips, research…whatever will get me excited for that week. It’s by no means a schedule, for the mere word itself causes me to revolt and refuse to comply. More of a loose idea of what I have to look forward to that week. It’s also a catalyst to get me going on Monday morning. And Tuesday, and Wednesday…When people and distractions start demanding time, I leave some blocks open, and offer those, and only those. It’s been several months so far, and it has allowed me to focus on and complete so many of the projects and ideas that I’ve wanted to for so long. Try it for a week. See if it works for you.

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