We All Have What It Takes To Create

We are all born with the ability and desire to be creative in some way. Whether we choose to embrace it or ignore is solely up to us. As children, we’re encouraged to create, but as we grow older and move through the school systems and into the work force, creativity is often looked upon as being frivolous and unproductive. This is so not true; it is the fuel that keeps us going. We all have what it takes to be creative. You have to fight for this right to create; you have to fight for this right to write.


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2 responses to “We All Have What It Takes To Create

  1. bersinink

    People seem afraid to allow themselves the time to explore their creative side. In today’s world, it can be considered not being “productive”. Or they don’t think that they’re good enough as a painter, poet, writer…

  2. Nancy Rose

    This Is The Truth! but sadly very few people act on it and ignore what they were born with and go though life not knowing.